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Medical Grade Tablets

Medical Grade Tablet Computers for EMR/EHRs, mHealth, and More

Estone Technology is a leader in medical grade tablet computers and mHealth tablet solutions for all Healthcare settings. We offer a variety of medical tablet computer and medical panel computer sizes, styles, and features to suit the needs of any hospital, healthcare setting, or medical equipment manufacturer.

We offer solutions in both Android and Windows operating systems, designed to be carried about by a handle, handheld with straps, or even mounted to wheelchairs, medical beds and medical carts. Features common to many of our medical tablet PCs include barcode scanners for tracking paperwork, medications, and equipment; quality cameras and microphones for patients to interface with doctors, nurses, family, or remote staff,

Don’t see sizes or features that you require? We design and manufacture custom tablet and panel PC solutions, too! Submit an OEM design request to get started.

Estone Technology Medical Grade Tablet Computer Applications

Tablets and Panel PCs for Healthcare Settings
  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Patient Check-In/Check-Out Tablets
  • Patient Care Tablets
  • Nurse’s Station Tablets
  • Medical Imaging Computers/Radiology Computers
  • Medical Infotainment Panel Computers
  • Medical Billing Tablets
  • Augmentative Communications/Disability Assistance
  • Pharmacy/Inventory Management Tablets

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