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Tablet & Panel PC Design and Manufacturing

Tablet & Panel PC Design and Manufacturing

OEM/ODM Services

Tablet & Panel PC OEM/ODM

We have decades of experience in developing ruggedized tablets, medical computers, fanless PCs and touch panel PCs.  Our in-house mechanical engineers and industrial designers collaborate with our clients to ensure fast product development and cost effective manufacturing.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

We begin by studying and learning about your industry, your markets, your specific needs and desires. Next comes concept generation, a divergent creative process that results in a full range of forms, ideas, and exploration of potential design solutions. Finally, we refine our designs until we reach one that best meets your goals and market opportunity, to pursue for further development.

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

We carefully consider manufacturability at each step in our design and engineering process. Throughout the product engineering phase, our electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, production engineers and certification engineers will work together and validate your design, confirming your products aesthetic appeal, comfort, and functionality. Our full spectrum of testing and development services are powered by industry specific knowledge, proven methodologies, and technology based solutions and help our clients rapidly meet their business objectives.

Each of the following phases take place during product engineering: feasibility, planning, EVT, DVT and PVT.

Project Management

Product Management

Every project Estone Technology undertakes receives a dedicated project management team that will see your project through from its first stages of development to final product release. Our project management teams ensure fast and efficient delivery of tailor-made, reliable, integrated solutions for your OEM/ODM projects. Your project management team will guide you through the entire development process from the initial product idea, to industrial design, to engineering the finished product. Estone Technology provides what your company needs for growth. We are driven and supported by industry professionals with decades of experience that give your company the competitive edge.

Manufacturing line

Scalable Manufacturing

Estone Technology has more than 65,000 square feet of factory space stocked with the latest manufacturing equipment. We provide full service OEM/ODM solutions and achieve superior product quality. We can execute on time and with a lower manufacturing cost than our competitors.

Trust Estone Technology to be your Design and Manufacturing service. Send us an OEM Tablet inquiry for a fast, free evaluation. We’ll review your request, and our engineers will determine any extra information that we require. Once we have the information, we’ll provide you with quotes for solutions that fit your needs.

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