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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Embedded System?
An embedded system is a computer or pc that serves a single task that is part of a bigger system. An example of an application that requires an embedded system is a cash register or ATM. Other examples include:

Digital Signage Players
Data Storage Controllers
Traffic Light Controllers
Traffic Sign Players/Controllers
Factory Automation Controllers
Machine to Machine Communication
Vehicle Telemetry Computers
Transportation Ticket Tellers
Network Security
Electronic Kiosks and Digital Point-Of-Sale Monitors

What are the Benefits of a Fanless Computer?

There are many advantages and benefits that come with a fanless computer.

In short, fanless computers and systems are:

Solid State (no moving parts)
For more in-depth information, please click here or here.

Product Information

What is ICEFIN?

Habey’s proprietary fanless design utilizing ICEFIN™ technology eliminates the need for noisy fans that can fail and cause a system failure. Heat generated by the processor is drawn to the outer edges of the case by copper heat pipes that release the thermal energy to the ICEFIN™ blades for heat dissipation.

Do Your Systems Have FCC, CL & UL Certifications?

Yes, Habey USA products are certified with FCC, CL, UL, as well as RoHS compliance. We also have ISO 9001:2008 & ISO14001:004 certification.

Should My System Be Running at a High Temperature?

Not quite. If you have a complete fanless system from Habey, it may run slightly warm. We have tested our systems and boards through heat cycles to confirm our temperature ranges. Please refer to your model’s Product Datasheet (found on the product page of each product) for storage and operating temperature ranges.

What is an Industrial ARM Board?

An Industrial ARM Board is a motherboard that utilizes the Freescale ARM Processor family. Designed with RISC- based processors, our board come in EPIC & Pico-ITX Form Factors. The main advantage of an ARM processor is the energy saving aspect of running performance processors. Other significant benefits include, lower cost devices (such as our BIS-6332 series), increased processing performance in fanless devices, platform security, & advanced system debugging for faster development. In some tests, ARM based boards run applications up to 20% faster than Intel based boards.

What is a 3.5″ / 5.25″ / EPIC / Mini-ITX Board?

3.5 Inch, 5.25 Inch, Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing (EPIC), & Mini-ITX are simply the Form Factor of Habey USA Embedded Motherboards.

3.5″ – 3.5 inch boards
5.25″ – 5.25 inch boards
EPIC – Standard for industrial Single Board Computers that fit between PC/104+ & EBX standards
Mini-ITX – 6.7 x 6.7 in (179mmx170mm) board designed to fit into small form factor chassis.

What is PC/104?

PC/104 is another Form Factor only measuring in at 3.8 x 3.6 in. This form factor has become an embedded computer standard.

What is an Industrial ATX/POS Motherboard?

Industrial ATX and POS Boards are two other Form Factors. The Industrial ATX Board measures in at 12 x 9.6 in (305mmx244mm) while the POS Board measures in at 235mm x 220mm. The POS Board is specifically made for Point of Sale Devices.

What is a PICMG Single Board Computer?

These Single Board Computers are made to PICMG Specifications. Habey is proud to be a business alliance partner with PICMG Consortium.

A Single Board Computer is an entire computer system built on a single board that contains a complete computer, including microprocessor, memory, I/O, Video and Audio outputs.

What is a Panel PC?

A Panel PC is a full industrial computer incorporated into a display, usually a touchscreen display.

Purchasing & Availability

How Do I Purchase an Item?

To purchase an item, please contact us here with the product number and application.

What are the Prices of Your Products?

We do not currently display single product prices. To find out more about our products, prices, and services, please contact us here.

What is the Availability of your Products?

Since we are a full OEM/ODM provider for our customers, we do not have the availability of our products displayed on our website. To find out more information about our products, prices, and services, please contact us here.

Company Information

Who is Norco? Who is Habey?

Norco & Habey USA are they same company. In the USA, we have chosen the name Habey USA because the “Norco” name has been used as an American company. For more Information about Habey USA please visit our Company Profile.

Services & Warranty Information

Can I Put My Company Logo On My System?

Yes! Habey USA is a complete OEM/ODM manufacturer. We can completely customize your system tailored to your specific needs. Our OEM / ODM services include custom enclosure, branding and board designs. Please visit our Custom Designs & OEM/ODM Services Page for more information and details.

How Long is the Warranty Period for My Product?

All of our products have a 1 year warranty period. Extended warranties are available at additional costs. Please visit our Returns & Warranty Page for more in-depth explanations and details.