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Main Facilities

Estone Technology Toledo

Midwest Headquarters - Toledo, OH

In the heart of the American midwest, Estone Technology has operated our sales & service offices since 2008. The Toledo office handles worldwide sales operations and technical staff coordination, financing, product planning, and corporate marketing.

The Toledo office also provides sales and technical support for rugged tablet PC and medical IT devices.

Habey Building

West Coast Sales & Support Facility - Greater Los Angeles Area

Our facility in Walnut, California of the Greater Los Angeles area hosts four primary functions:

  • Product Design, Development, Sales, Service & Administration Offices for Embedded Computer Boards, Industrial PCs and Panel PCs.
  • Multiple computer assembly lines – Embedded computers, Network Storage Products, Fanless PCs, and Industrial Panel PCs.
  • Product Support, Service and Repair Center
  • Expandable warehousing area (up to 100,000 square feet). This high-ceiling, solar-powered warehouse features multiple loading docks, a large loading zone, wide in-outs for forklifts and heavy equipment, and heavy duty stock shelves.

Sales Office

Sales Office

Repair Center

repair center

Assembly Line

electronics assembly line



Loading Dock

loading dock

Design Office

Design Offices
Estone Tech China Desk

R&D Center, Testing Lab, and Manufacturing Facility - Shenzhen, China

In addition to our US facilities, Estone Technology has multiple R&D and manufacturing facilities in China. We have over 200 employees with our affiliated organizations, and over 60% of them are engineers. This gives us the ability to control the design and manufacturing process from start to finish. We constantly update our product development and manufacturing equipment to ensure our products are reliable and meet the latest trends and requirements. Our entire manufacturing process has been certified ISO 9001:2000 complient to ensure all products produced meet the strict quality control standards of each vertical market. In 2016, our facility received ISO13485 certification, the ISO Quality Management System (QMS) for organizations engaged in both the development and manufacture of medical devices.

The facility is over 60,000 square feet and has capability of 20,000 computer devices a month.

R&D Center

China R&D
China R&D
China R&D
China R&D

Testing Lab


Commercial Microscopes

Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers

PCBA Testing

PCBA Testers

Temp Chambers

Temperature Tester Cabinet

Product Tumblers

Tumbling Tester

Button Cycle Testing

Button Life Tester

ESD Testing

ESD Testing

Waterproof Testing

Waterproof Testing

Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing

Manufacturing Facility

Clean Room

Clean room Electronics Assembly

Clean Room

Clean Room Electronics Assembly

Assembly Line

Estone Tech Computer Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Estone Technology Assembly Line

Secure Warehouse

Warehouse Logistics

Product Aging

Turnkey Manufacturing

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